Unify for AWS IoT TwinMaker

Accelerate the Development of Digital Twins

By utilizing contextualized and governed metadata, the integration between AWS IoT TwinMaker and Element Unify helps to accelerate the development of digital twins and enhances their effectiveness, resulting in more reliable and easily maintainable analytics. the integration with AWS IoT SiteWise along with the trained AWS industry teams working in conjunction with Element staff mean that you have a trusted resources backed up with experience to power your journey with data and analytics.

Build flexible graph model

Feed twins with quality,
up-to-date data

Scale twins as needs dictate

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Building Digital Twins with Element Unify and
AWS IoT TwinMaker – Reference Architecture

Integrate and contextualize

Integrate and contextualize data from disparate IT/OT sources using no-code pipelines eliminating manual effort and greatly speeding time to deployment.

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Capture data relationships

Capture data relationships in a graph model realizing flexibility and ability to keep model in sync with underlying assets.

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Publish graph model to AWS IoT TwinMaker in the form of components, documents, and parameters.

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