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Building a common data foundation across IT and OT for easy data exchange and digitally-enable operations

At Element, we’re inspired by the heroes in today's economy — the men and women who work at industrial enterprises on day-to-day operations. These individuals keep the lights on and provide so much of the world’s living necessities.

These industrial enterprises are responsible for two-thirds of the World’s total economic output. Element was founded to help these businesses digitize and drive transformation by extracting more value from the data generated through operations. This is an enormous opportunity. 

Our flagship solution, Element Unify, allows Industrial Enterprises to align and scale critical OT/IT/ET operational data. This enables the delivery of high impact, enterprise-wide analytics that improves core business performance outcomes like asset flexibility, security, reliability, safety, and cost.

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To unlock the full potential of operations data.

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Empower people with operations data to achieve more.


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We collaborate to develop solutions with passionate people who are made better by working as a team.

We make our customers wildly successful and enable their organizations to transform.

Customer Driven

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Listen with Intent

We listen and embrace perspectives which are different from our own. We ask thoughtful questions and seek to understand.

We have a bias for impactful actions which advance our company, our customers, our team members and our partners. We push through hard moments together to achieve success.


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We don’t take shortcuts and are honest with ourselves, our customers, our team members, and our partners.

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