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Element AssetHub

Connect, manage, and share asset data across the enterprise by developing Asset Twins – dynamic digital representations of equipment

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Connect relevant asset data from siloed time-series, operational, and informational sources

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Build and maintain trustworthy Asset Twins across your organization to establish common data standards and ensure high-quality data

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Create multiple views of your Asset Twins and enable analytical tools - APM, CBM, ML+AI, streaming IoT, search, and more

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Building a Data Model for Industrial Transformation

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Element and Uptake Joint Solution for End to End Analytics

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Featured Customer Stories

O&G Super Major Connects 100B Data Points Across 33 Platforms

  • Integrated data from 6K sources
  • Reduced effort to contextualize data >90%
  • Enabled 60+ analytics applications
  • Cost savings of $15.9M

O&G Super Major Identified Cause of Failure Saving $10M Over 3 Years

  • Faster insights by building data-driven models
  • Analyzed 1,600 sensor streams representing 7 years of data
  • Identified root cause by uncovering 276 faults
  • Saved $10M over 3 years

Recognized by Leading Analysts

“IoT analytics is enhancing operational efficiencies, improving customer engagement and creating new revenue streams. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders should take advantage of a new crop of innovative startups that have emerged to address this growing market segment.”

Gartner Cool Vendor in IoT Analytics



“Element Analytics analyzes and then integrates industrial time series data with other data sources to develop digital twins of industrial assets.”

IDC Innovator for Manufacturing Analytics



“Element Analytics helps industrial companies explore the same sophisticated data analysis capabilities used by companies like Google and Facebook.”

JMP Securities' Efficiency Fifty List



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