Asset Framework (AF) Accelerator

Build smarter PI Asset Framework (AF) models in as little as 30 days

OSIsoft PI System data is essential for successful analytics projects, but requires PI Asset Framework (AF) data models which are nearly impossible to build and maintain for production using spreadsheets.

The Element Asset Framework (AF) Accelerator Program combines Element’s Forward Deployed Engineering (FDE) Team, Industrial Data Method, and AssetHub technology to build enterprise-ready PI AFs in as little as 30 days.

Element AF Accelerator Program: Build Smarter PI AFs, 10X Faster

The Element AF Accelerator program builds enterprise-ready OSIsoft PI Asset Frameworks (AFs) in as little as 30 days. You can contextualize PI System data together with metadata from any source such as transactional data from SAP and IBM Maximo, to auto-generate PI Asset Frameworks (AFs). By combining the power of AssetHub, our PI AF experts, and a proven industrial data methodology, you can reduce the burdensome tasks involved in manipulating data to create flexible, smarter AFs by up to 90% faster than using spreadsheets.

Af Accelerator Overview Latest

Program Timeline

Af Program Timeline

Forward Deployed Engineers

Industrial experience in data, design, and engineering creates more impact.

Industrial Data Method

Agile, sprint-based approach (Discovery, Implementation, Education, Customer Success) generates quick wins.

AssetHub Technology

Industrial-grade cloud software contextualizes any asset data to build unlimited PI AFs

Element AssetHub

At the core of the AF Accelerator is AssetHub - Industrial-grade cloud software that contextualizes any asset data to build unlimited PI AFs across the organization.

Featured Customer Stories

Increase gas generation plant net capacity using Reliability Performance Monitoring center

  • 10K OSIsoft PI tags/plant contextualized with SAP maintenance records
  • Increased asset utilization through prioritized maintenance
  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity and lower O&M costs
  • 4 GW of capacity monitored using OSIsoft PI AFs

O&G Super Major Connects 100B Data Points Across 33 Platforms

  • Integrated data from 6K sources
  • Reduced effort to contextualize data >90%
  • Enabled 60+ analytics applications
  • Cost savings of $15.9M

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“Element Analytics analyzes and then integrates industrial time series data with other data sources to develop digital twins of industrial assets.”

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“Element Analytics helps industrial companies explore the same sophisticated data analysis capabilities used by companies like Google and Facebook.”

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