Building IT/OT Data Pipelines Has Never Been Easier

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IT and OT industrial data is raw, siloed, and lacks context. Element Unify integrates, contextualizes, and governs this data, enabling data usability fast and at scale, for high impact, enterprise-wide analytics.

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Element Unify

Full Featured for Industrial Enterprises

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Integrate and model OT/IT data with No-Code Data Pipelines:

Ingest, transform and associate OT/IT metadata in-built to extract key information.

Data Contextualization:

Combine data and deliver contextualization, and compose whatever data model is needed.

Rigorous Governance:

Robust data governance engine that ensures a single source of truth for industrial metadata across the enterprise.

Secure, Scalable, Event-Driven Architecture:

ISO 27001 ISMS program, and a suite of security management tools.

Manage it all With the Element Knowledge Graph

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Unify provides a comprehensive knowledge graph of all federated IT/OT metadata, enabling consumption by any data user or system whether on-prem or in the Cloud.

Try the Element SAP-PI Data Accelerator Free

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Our Customers Say It Best

What is really attractive about Element Unify is that you can experiment. With Unify you can quickly build multiple models and hierarchies based on your needs.

Steve Kwan

Product Manager for Asset Frameworks

Element Unify aligns flexible hierarchical views across our maintenance, APM, and operations systems.

Mike Greene

Operations Technology Leader

We didn’t know there was a way to automate combining all our data sources and making our data consistent. We assumed that we would have to hire all these people and one day we’ll get there. As soon as we saw how Element Unify works, we knew we should be using it.

Arpan Seth

Process Engineer, Data Scientist

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