Uniting the Industrial Enterprise

By Bridging the IT/OT Data Divide

Data is the lifeblood of the modern industrial enterprise. Digital twins is a leading approach for delivering a range of analytical business use cases dependent on various operational and IT data sources. Feeding the digital twins high quality, up-to-date data is critical.


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Deliver fast time to value through accelerated project completion


Support data-based decision-making using reliable data


Realize on-going value through continuous alignment


Achieve impact across use cases and sites

element unify data platform

Built with industrial organizations in mind, the Element Unify Data Platform snaps onto your architecture with no “rip and replace”. It reduces the time and complexity of preparing IT and OT data for modern analytics by providing a foundational metadata system of record that helps.

Important to IT professionals, OT professionals and to teams
delivering industrial transformation

Data Engineers

Focus on insight generation instead of data wrangling.

IT Executives

Empower users to use data while ensuring governance and security.

Plant Managers

Leverage data for operations without requiring coding skills.

Operations Executives

Quickly roll out digital initiatives across the enterprise.

Unleash innovation by giving your users the freedom of choice to work the way they want, using the tools they are familiar with, more effectively leveraging corporate data assets at scale with appropriate governance and security.

Realize your vision of a digitally-enabled future faster. Scale analytics faster across regions and sites powered by accurate, data-driven decisions based on trusted data to deliver on productivity, safety, and environmental initiatives.


“We didn’t know there was a way to automate combining all our data sources and making it consistent. We assumed that we would have to hire all these people and one day we’ll get there.”

Arpan Seth
Process Engineer, Data Scientist

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“Element Unify aligns flexible hierarchical views across our maintenance, APM, and operations systems.”

Mike Greene
Operations Technology Leader

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"What is really attractive about Element is you can experiment. With Element you can quickly build multiple models and hierarchies based on your needs."

Steve Kwan
Product Manager for Asset Frameworks

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