Democratize Industrial Data

Democratize industrial data. Transform operational performance.

Element unlocks industrial data, enabling modern analytics systems to find insights that transform operational performance, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of value for customers. Element’s software pulls data from thousands of enterprise sources and automates the creation of millions of data relationships to rapidly connect, manage, and share asset twins of industrial equipment. With Element, any person or system can access every reliable data point in the enterprise.



Connect relevant asset data from siloed time-series, operational, and informational sources.



Build and maintain trust-worthy asset twins across your organization to establish common data standards and ensure high-quality data.



Create multiple views of your asset twins and easily turn on new tools for analytics, APM, CBM, ML+AI, streaming IoT, search, and more.

Transform data into an information asset

Unlock financial returns across your assets’ lifecycle from improving asset performance to preventing failures to mitigating risks.

Use data with confidence

10X faster time to insight

Reduce TCO by orders of magnitude

Improve productivity >25%

Architected in the cloud to support industrial-scale

Optimize Operational Costs

Ensure compliance and protect sensitive operations data

Single-source of truth for all asset data

Model once - deploy everywhere

Use data with confidence in analytics


“IoT analytics is enhancing operational efficiencies, improving customer engagement and creating new revenue streams. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders should take advantage of a new crop of innovative startups that have emerged to address this growing market segment.”

Gartner Cool Vendor in IoT Analytics



“Element Analytics analyzes and then integrates industrial time series data with other data sources to develop digital twins of industrial assets.”

IDC Innovator for Manufacturing Analytics



“Element Analytics helps industrial companies explore the same sophisticated data analysis capabilities used by companies like Google and Facebook.”

JMP Securities' Efficiency Fifty List



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