Unify for AWS IoT SiteWise

Quickly Realize More Value from Your Operational Data

The API integration between AWS IoT SiteWise and Element Unify aims to empower customers to centralize plant data model integration and metadata management. This allows for the ingestion of data into various AWS services, such as AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) industrial data lake. It is is designed to allow engineers and operators to monitor operations across facilities, quickly compute performance metrics, create applications that analyze industrial equipment data to prevent costly equipment issues, and reduce gaps in production.

Extend AWS IoT SiteWise to multiple edge source systems

Improve time to insight, traceability and data usage

Keep SiteWise up to date (evergreening)

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Fully integrated with the AWS Industrial Machine Connectivity (IMC) kit

element centralized it/ot data management


Partner connectivity applications Ignition and KepServerEX running on AWS Certified industrial PC ingests real-time sensor data and asset model data sent from PLC and industrial historians.


PI Interfaces/Connectors collect data sent from sensors, PLCs, SCADA, etc. into PI Server running at plants or regional data centers. Element Unify AF Management Client retrieves, deploys and manages PI Asset Framework asset models.


Element Unify ingests asset models and tag lists exported from edge applications (i.e. Ignition, Kepware, etc.)


Element Unify P&ID Productivity Client automates harvesting of asset information from graphical engineering designs. EAM and ERP systems (residing either on-premises or in an Amazon VPC), including SAP FLOC and work orders, connect to Element Unify through iPaas layer.


Element Unify is the centralized IT/OT data management platform that integrates, contextualizes, and governs asset data models from OSIsoft PI Asset Framework (bi-directional), Ignition, Kepware running at the edge, and IT data sources like SAP and Maximo, and performs bidirectional model sync with AWS IoT SiteWise.


Element Unify reads existing asset model data from AWS IoT SiteWise and then provisions the new, enriched asset model data back into AWS IoT SiteWise.


Time series data flows into AWS IoT SiteWise from partner connectivity applications running at the edge. AWS IoT SiteWise stores the asset model data and ingests, filters, transforms and processes all incoming data before storing both raw and processed data in a managed time-series data store. AWS IoT SiteWise publishes an MQTT message to AWS IoT Core each time the asset property value updates.


An AWS IoT Core rule publishes these asset propery update messages it receives from AWS IoT SiteWise in near real-time into Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose.


Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose captures data from AWS IoT Core, transforms it, and delivers the data in near real-time to Amazon S3 industrial data lake.


Once real-time and historical data is available in Amazon S3 industrial data lake, Amazon Lookout for Equipment can use the data to detect abnormal equipment behavior, so that machine failures can be detected before failure occur and avoid unplanned downtime. Computed metrics can be written back into Amazon S3 for storage and consumption.


Amazon QuickSight can be used with Amazon Athena to create and publish interactive BI dashboards.


Integrate and transform your data with over 180 transformations, using no-code/low-code pipelines eliminating manual effort. Build asset models taking data context into account.

Transformation and pipelines


Automatically publish your model to AWS IoT SiteWise, along with the asset hierarchies for all assets across all plants. Easily update models—you can rearrange assets, add new levels, and re-publish as needed.

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