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Unify is an Open & Flexible Industrial DataOps Solution

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The goal of Industrial Data Operations is to unify all internal and external operations data sources into enterprise-wide information. Users want to access the operations information to create analytics and applications to create value for their organization. The Element Unify Data Hub architecture yields maximum flexibility to meet Industrial DataOps requirements.


key benefits


gain in productivity per plant

Work faster with no-code pipelines purpose-built to transform operations data


gain in operating earnings

Automates data transformation and modeling across multiple source systems and data sets


potential O&M savings per analytics per year

Less time to build asset models with less effort to deploy analytics


reduction in data complexity

Shrinks total data records associated with equipment and processes making it denser for easy consumption and re-use

element unify Connects your data

Unify’s pre-built, no-code connectors automate bi-directional connectivity and data flows between data consumers and source systems. This reduces the time and cost of writing low-value code, freeing developers to focus on writing more valuable analytical and ML code.

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Managing data as a product overcomes the inherent challenges organizing IT-OT-ET by making it easy to access data in a format that provides meaning to users, can be extended by adding new data, and is easy to maintain as data volume grows. Element Unify helps reduce the amount of code required to create reusable data twins and recycle pipelines.

Reduce code writing
Reuse data twins
Recycle data pipelines

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Unify provides core data hub functions for data processing, conditioning, synchronization, contextualization, persistence, access and governance. The architecture reduces code-first projects, makes structured data reusable for consumers and allows templates and pipelines to be recycled across similar projects, plants and processes.

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Data Hub architecture yields maximum flexibility to meet Industrial DataOps requirements

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