IT and OT teams are siloed, working separately with differing objectives and misaligned technology systems. This results in a fragmented data landscape across IT and OT with little, if any, data context. Achieving context requires aligning data across many domains.

The challenge in doing this is threefold:

Heterogeneous OT data is spread across many plant sites, locked up in legacy systems at the plant and in engineer’s spreadsheets.

OT data is notoriously low quality, specifically in terms of its usability outside the context of the system that generated the data.

OT data is largely ungoverned. As a result Industrial Enterprises have been unable to leverage OT data as an information asset across the Enterprise.

Data Silos Hinder Integration Between IT and OT

Poor and Inconsistent Data Quality

Lack of Strong Data Governance

Element Unify Brings it all Together

Element Unify is a new class of enterprise software that brings IT and OT teams together on a single software solution. This allows IT and OT teams to work collaboratively to build rich data context at scale with no-code, automated data pipelines. The end result is a single federated, contextualized source of data from which users can establish their own single version of the truth, all with a powerful governance engine ensuring data integrity across the enterprise.

By aligning and scaling critical OT/IT data, the value of data is unlocked, enabling the delivery of high impact, enterprise-wide analytics that improve core business performance outcomes like asset flexibility, security, reliability, safety, and cost.

This lets them serve their OT partners better, helping satisfy OT business analytical application requirements, all while delivering the enterprise scale, reliability, security, and adaptability enterprise IT applications require.

Value to IT

Add meaningful value to the OT data domain by delivering a single IT/OT data management solution that satisfies the OT analytical application requirements. Additionally, no “rip and replace” — Element Unify easily snaps into IaaS Cloud systems and IoT services.

Enabling a layered process in which every team continues to add to the overall enterprise data model by providing their perspective. This drives an increasingly rich, more contextual view of the assets — and corresponding metadata — informing the manufacturing process.

Value to OT

Element Unify

Industrial Grade for Industrial Enterprises


Provides out of the box, ubiquitous connectors and no code data pipelines that allow the easy ingestion of metadata from OT systems, IT systems, spreadsheets and P&ID systems. This helps eliminate poor OT data quality, and provides timely, highly contextualized, and actionable data.

  • Key features include

  • Automated No-Code Data Pipelines, and IT/OT Transformations

  • APIs, OT Agents & Tools

  • Connected metadata and defined relationships stored in Element Graph

  • Automate Devops & Unify IT/OT Data Silos

Screenshot of Element Unify applicationElement Unify product integration screenshot

Automation reduces costly devops and data engineering

Combine data, making it contextually rich, and compose whatever data model is needed in order to consume raw data via analytical tools. By leaving data in its source systems — including in Cloud storage systems — or replicating the data elsewhere, Element alleviates the problem of data silos, provides rich data context, and enables metadata to be consumed and governed wherever it lives, across OT and IT.


  • Key features include

  • Connected metadata and defined relationships stored in Element Graph

  • Query graph for rapid schema building, testing and sharing

  • Derived graphs supporting individual use cases stay aligned to enterprise data model

  • Metadata sources are chained together and kept up to date with source systems

Screenshot of Element Unify application

Connect the organization by connecting the data

Enables the Management of data models, semantics and lineage, delivering a robust data governance engine that ensures a single source of truth for industrial metadata across the enterprise. Keeps data models, and derived models, templates, and pipelines in sync across multiple source systems, tracking data lineage and providing a single source to view, organize and manage all datasets.

  • Key features include

  • Data Catalog for metadata inventory, discovery and lineage tracking

  • Templates for fine-grained semantics control

  • Dataset lineage tracking

  • Data persistence and propagation for data model synchronization

  • Time series tracking of all metadata changes

Element Unify product governance screenshot

IT/OT metadata and data models


Provides a comprehensive knowledge graph of all federated IT/OT metadata, enabling consumption by any data user or system whether on-prem or in the Cloud. Stores metadata in a graph model enabling greater flexibility, scalability and speed.

  • Key features include

  • Stores connected metadata and defined relationships

  • Leverages templates for fine-grained semantics control

  • Rapid schema building, testing and sharing

  • Advanced Graph query using Cypher

Element Unify product graph screenshot

Metadata context across the enterprise

Element Graph

Element Unify is built on top of a robust, scalable, highly available, event-driven, adaptive architecture. Element Unify maintains a strong security posture ensuring that your data is secure using an ISO 27001 ISMS program, best practices in modern, security conscious, application development practices and a suite of security management tools to ensure the safety and availability of your data.

  • Key features include

  • ISO270001 Certified

  • SSO support

  • Element Unify Availability SLA - 99.9%

  • Event-Driven, Adaptive Architecture

Scalable, event-driven architecture


Layered circles illustration

Consume the Output Your Way

Sitting on top of Element Unify is a highly flexible consumption layer, allowing Industrial enterprises to use whatever existing technology they desire — BI and Visualization tools, ML tooling, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and more — as a means of engaging with Element.

Consume the Output Your Way

Sitting on top of Element Unify is a highly flexible consumption layer, allowing Industrial enterprises to use whatever existing technology they desire — BI and Visualization tools, ML tooling, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and more — as a means of engaging with Element.

Element Unify Delivers Clear Business Value

Rich knowledge graph supports identification, discovery and rapid application schema planning and development across connected data.

Magnifying glass illustration
  • Accelerated Business Velocity

  • 300% faster time to insight

  • 3-5x gain in project execution

  • 100% increase of the usability of data in decision making

  • More informed and effective decision making, increased operational efficiency, and improved business outcomes

  • Safer, cleaner, healthier, and more profitable operations

  • More Value From the Data

  • Better consistency, usability, governance, analytics, collaboration and more

  • Enterprise scalability across all production sites and systems for fleetwide analysis and AI/ML

  • Data syncing across systems keeping data evergreen for analytical consumers

  • Understand data utilization and usage across teams and the enterprise

  • Metadata System of Record to support projects worth hundreds of millions

  • Key features include

  • IT & OT aligned and working together to benefit the business

  • Reduce silos, both within OT and across IT & OT

  • Accelerate business transformation