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Build rich, contextualized data models to power industrial transformation in plant operations across upstream, midstream, and downstream

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People in industrial organizations are in a race to make better use of their operations data. They want to make better decisions faster to unlock business value. However, the exponential growth of OT data combined with the challenges of wrangling all of that siloed and fragmented data is slowing them down, or making it seem impossible. Element Unify is the platform that puts operations data to work.

Element Unify Helped a Major Oil Company Achieve:

$16M in Project Cost Savings

60 Analytics Applications Built

A very large oil and gas company embarked on an ambitious, multi-phased digital transformation strategy to increase efficiency.

With Element Unify, the company is experiencing significant project time and cost savings.

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Operations Data Unlocks Business Value

Avoid Revenue Loss

Optimize Capital Spend

Cut O & M Spend

Reduce Risk

Element Unify helps oil and gas companies take information from all the operational systems they have (such as power distribution, the data historian, control systems, alarms and events) and put that data together in a common data framework

Important to IT AND OT professionals delivering industrial transformation

Data Scientists

Focus on insight generation instead of data wrangling.

Digital Transformation Leaders

Empower users to use data while ensuring governance and security

Operations & Maintenance Managers

Leverage their data for operations without requiring coding skills

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