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Through frictionless partnering, we accelerate speed to insights and drive financial outcomes for our partners and customers.

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Frictionless Partnering

We empower our partners to be more competitive by delivering tangible results to industrials worldwide.

We do this by offering partners a unique opportunity to take advantage of our products and expertise. By partnering with us, you can:

  • Build a pipeline of new opportunities
  • Enjoy high win rates
  • Net bigger initial deal sizes
  • Access new buying centers to expand sales

Programmed for Your Success

Whether you deliver services or technology solutions, we fundamentally believes less is more, and will not partner for the sake of a logo. To put it another way, if we cannot jointly deliver results and value to our customers, then “why do it?”. That philosophy is what underpins our partner program – a program from which you can leverage expert resources including:

Training GTM Resources Co-Marketing
Support Demo Licenses Deal Registration

Partner Types

Technology Partners

We partner with world-class solution providers that help deliver context and insights from industrial assets. When we work with customers, we give them the flexibility to choose technologies that meets their needs. Providers can be integrated early in the deal to form a best-of-breed solution.

Consulting Partners

We partner with consulting and engineering firms to accelerate execution and time to value for their customers. Consultants can now focus resources on delivering transformation projects versus fighting the unpredictability - and cost - of wrangling data.