AWS and Element have partnered to make Unify easily accessible and applicable to more customers than ever before.

Element Unify is an AWS Marketplace listed partner offering that also has the benefit of being an integral part of the Industrial Machine Connectivity (IMC) kit leveraged by AWS clients worldwide.

Element Unify integration with AWS IoT TwinMaker

The integration significantly speeds up digital twin development and improves effectiveness through contextualized and governed metadata, resulting in more reliable and easier to maintain analytics.Integration with AWS IoT SiteWise along with the trained AWS industry teams working in conjunction with Element staff mean that you have a trusted resources backed up with experience to power your journey with data and analytics

Element Unify integration with AWS IoT SiteWise

The API integration is designed to give customers the ability to centralize plant data model integration and metadata management, enabling data to be ingested into AWS services, including AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) industrial data lake. It is is designed to allow engineers and operators to monitor operations across facilities, quickly compute performance metrics, create applications that analyze industrial equipment data to prevent costly equipment issues, and reduce gaps in production.

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integrated within Industrial Machine Connectivity (IMC) kit

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