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Industrial Data Fabric at Hannover Messe

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April 27, 2023

Industrial organizations are shifting faster toward making data-driven operations the heart of their digital transformations and AI aspirations

Hannover Messe is a spectacle to anyone walking the sprawling 122 acre campus, navigating the 26 massive exhibition halls, viewing the 6,500 exhibitors and sharing the experience with 250,000 visitors from all over the world.

Each year, the organizers of Hannover Messe compile a cohesive lineup of industrial themes that align with the prevailing technological advancements. ​​AI & Machine Learning, Energy Management, and Carbon-neutral Production are a few topics that experts have selected for 2023. Whether the discussions were about integrated robots performing inspections on a smart factory floor, or a more efficient way to control power consumption across a dozen plants – there was one constant overall theme – the need for usable, contextualized data as the foundation for all of these initiatives.

Attendees getting a demo of Element Unify at the booth

Hannover was Digital & Data

Artificial Intelligence was certainly one of the prominent themes of the event with exhibitors presenting projects that demonstrate how AI is being actively applied in processes, plants and engineering. Contextualized data is a force multiplier for these AI aspirations.

Managing data as an asset is a mindset gaining popularity for many organizations as people begin to understand that data and data lakes have value. If data is recognized on the balance sheet, then capitalizing AI projects will be easier to finance. Though there are initial approaches using software and models to make this happen – it is not possible yet.

In the AWS theater presentation ‍”Creating a Data Wealthy Industrial Enterprise with AWS Industrial Data Fabric,” Andy Bane walked the audience through what it takes to achieve “data wealth” by managing your data as an asset.

Packed AWS theater presentation with Andy Bane

Carbon-neutral Production

The EU objectives of the Green Deal are to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030, and to be climate-neutral by 2050. Therefore, every company is obligated to decrease their carbon footprint and reduce CO2 emissions. There are numerous ways of approaching this objective. Access to reliable data makes it easier for organizations to take small or large steps towards this goal.

At the Element booth, the team set up a real-world demo using contextualized data from Element Unify to monitor methane emissions from a compressor engine. Combining, contextualizing and consuming data from the compressor engine and other data sources, allows experts to receive real-time alerts notifying them of excess emissions.

Quickly see which compressor engines are emitting excess combustion methane

Industrial Data Fabric on AWS

AWS Partners release native integration on AWS that improves accessibility, usability, and governance of industrial data at scale.

On the first day of Hannover Messe, Element announced a key partnership with HighByte to launch an integrated solution on AWS’s Data Fabric Architecture. The solution is purpose-built for industrial organizations seeking a scalable, unified and integrated approach to managing their data as an asset to deliver greater business value.

By integrating Element Unify with HighByte Intelligence Hub, customers can contextualize, create, and manage operational models in the cloud and then transfer information to federated hubs at the edge. The edge hubs connect to OT and IT source systems, transform and contextualize this data, and then stream information payloads to AWS. This architectural approach allows operations teams to provide data to the systems and business users in an efficient and managed way. The integrated solution is now available in the AWS Solution library.

Read the full press release: Element and HighByte Announce Partnership, Launch Solution Based on AWS’s Industrial Data Fabric Architecture

Deloitte’s Smart Manufacturing Platform

Multi-party engagement helps manufacturers harness previously untapped industrial data, enabling strategic decision-making.

Deloitte also announced a partnership with Element, AWS, and HighByte to solve the industry pain point of data collection and analysis. The solution, coupled with Deloitte’s smart manufacturing platform, frees previously trapped data to enable true digital transformation which provides a holistic organizational view of information and systems to help business leaders rapidly scale smart manufacturing assets.

Read the full press release: Deloitte Teams Up With AWS, HighByte and Element to Help Manufacturers Connect, Structure and Manage Industrial Data at Scale

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