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Data is now at the center of industrial operations. Every plant in operation is creating massive amounts of data daily. Companies must view their data strategically in order to navigate the Industrial Transformation (IX) successfully. Element offers flexible packages that empower the people working with data projects at every phase of the company’s IX journey.

Pick the right package for your journey

5 use cases per plant
2-9 plants
SaaS only offering
Addons available
10 use cases per plant
10-25 plants
Flexibility via Addons
Addons available
20-25 use cases per plant
100+ plants
Flexibility included
Addons available

Key Terms

Use Case
A use case is a clearly understood benefit that utilizes a data-twin. A “carbon usage” dashboard, a ML model to predict equipment wear, are examples of use cases.
Named/Assigned User accounts with full access to Unify, and full capability to create and manage pipelines, datasets, connectors, graphs and clients.
Capacity Unit (CU)
Measured ration of Pipelines and Templates.
Siloed SaaS
By default, Unify is deployed in a multitenant SaaS environment. Organizations requiring greater isolation may purchase a single tenant, siloed SaaS deployment.
SSO (Requires Siloed SaaS)
Single Sign On integration of Unify with customer’s IDP.
Private Link (Requires Siloed SaaS)
Support for private communication between VPCs, the cloud environment, and on-premises networks. Avoids exposing traffic on public networks.

1 Week

Ingest data and build templates & data sets

1 Month

Build your first reusable data pipelines

3 Month

Consume data models and scaled
value with quality analytics

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