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Element Unify Connector Portal Speeds Model Development

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April 15, 2022


  • Pre-built connectors for common data sources and consumers
  • Examples include: Amazon S3, AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS RDS SQL Server, Azure Blob, Azure SQL Database, Ignition, KEPWare
  • Supports custom connectors and is compatible with common protocols and file formats 

Unify Connector Portal

Data engineers can spend inordinate amounts of time dealing with establishing connections to the myriad data sources and to the various data-consuming analytics applications and platforms. The recently introduced Unify Connector Portal eases the burden by allowing organizations to easily connect all of their IT and OT data from multiple systems of record. Unify provides an extensive set of pre-built, ready-to-use connectors to facilitate quick and easy connections to data sources – as well as consuming destinations such as digital twin platforms and tools. 

Figure 1 - Connector Portal in Element Unify

Less Time & Expertise Required

The Connector Portal provides access to pre-built connectors for a range of commonly used data sources and consuming targets, speeding analytics projects by obviating the need for manually establishing connections. Connecting to a source or destination system is simply a matter of selecting the connector, registering the connector, and then deploying the connector. 

The portal also provides a connector framework that developers can use to easily build their own custom connectors. Users can automate the orchestration of datasets, templates, and graphs between Element Unify and external systems such as IoT platforms, and relational databases. The no-code environment enables faster and more flexible deployments.

No Pre-Built Connector? No Problem

The Connector Portal offers an extensive, and increasing, list of connectors but you may still run across a data source that does not have a connector. This is not a problem since the portal also offers the ability to easily create your own connector using a framework that reduces development effort and risk.

Watch the Connector Portal demo video

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