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Key Moments From the Oil & Gas Automation and Technology Week

The 2022 Oil & Gas Automation and Technology week opened its doors to a wide range of oil and gas experts spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Industry practitioners and technology leaders were on hand to discuss the theme of the event, Embracing Digital Disruption to Prepare Oil and Gas for a New Energy Era.

Attendees enthusiastically engaged with experts at the Element booth, learning and sharing ideas about digital transformation, data-driven decision making, and automation.

Element’s Adam Scheidler doing an outstanding job demonstrating Unify and answering questions from the audience

Our team enjoyed meeting with several delegates and discussing their data and analytics challenges and exploring how Element Unify can help them take control of their data to power their industrial transformation initiatives. Digital twins are a technology that companies can implement to deliver business value.

Element’s VP of Industry Solutions, Steve Beamer delivered a general session on IT/OT Convergence: Managing Differing Opinions Associated with Digital Initiatives. Steve drew on his deep experience in leading significant industrial transformation initiatives in oil and gas businesses and the data challenges associated with or powering analytics at scale. 

Here are a few key takeaways from Steve’s keynote:

As part of the Midstream focused activities, Steve Beamer facilitated a roundtable discussion on how to Duplicate Pilot Project Success and Scale Digital Transformation. Some of the key themes that emerged during the event included:

  • The challenge of scaling from small initiatives to company-wide rollouts of benefit to many users and the importance of change management in navigating the transformation journey successfully
  • The emergence of digital twins as a powerful technique that not only has many applications but also many interpretations, leading to confusion on the part of the business community about the best approach to adopt twins for their business goals
  • Significant focus on incremental changes often due to lack of clarity on how to employ digital initiatives to achieve significant, step changes in operations

Steve Beamer leading a roundtable discussion on Identifying Business Value for Transformation Initiatives.

Element Unify can help transformation teams with their data challenges regardless of whether they are undertaking digital twin projects or looking to deliver on a myriad of use cases spanning descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive. 

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Read how Element has worked with the oil and gas industry to unlock the value of their IT/OT data in various case studies.

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