Element Unify for
Oil and Gas

Build rich, contextualized data models to power industrial transformation in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

Element Unify is enterprise software that solves the challenges associated with IT/OT data silos, inconsistent data quality and poor governance. The no-code solution enables IT/OT metadata contextualization at scale, giving both IT and OT teams access to a centralized source of metadata for analytics and advanced IIoT use cases such as optimizing production, increasing safety, and improving efficiency.

Out of the Box Connectors/No-Code Data Pipelines

Easy metadata ingestion from OT & IT systems, spreadsheets and P&ID systems.

Data Contextualization

Combine data and deliver contextualization. Compose data models for is needed in order to consume raw data via analytical tools.

Rigorous Governance

Management of data models, semantics and lineage, plus a robust data governance engine that ensures a single source of truth for industrial metadata across the enterprise.

Secure, Scalable, Event-Driven Architecture

ISO 27001 ISMS program, best practices in modern, security conscious, application development practices, and a suite of security management tools to ensure the safety and availability of your data models.

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Element Unify Helped a Major Oil Company Achieve:

$16M in Project Cost Savings

60 Analytics Applications Built

A very large oil and gas company embarked on an ambitious, multi-phased digital transformation strategy to increase revenue by reducing production deferrals and running operations at more than 95% efficiency. Key to this was taking the billions of data points generated each year across its offshore oil and gas assets and making it available in a contextualized data lake.

With Element Unify, the company is experiencing significant project time and cost savings.

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Major Oil and Gas Company Leverages Element Unify to Achieve:

1600 Sensor Streams Analyzed

276 Faults Uncovered

The refining division of a super-major oil and gas company piloted an automated approach for integrating, organizing and managing operational data. The company leveraged Element Unify to create digital twins of their assets and perform root cause analysis identifying, for example, a piece of equipment that wasn’t generating enough operational data.

Working with Unify, the company predicted it would save at least $3.5M per year for the refinery.

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World-class Refining Organization Using Element Unify Sees:

76% Reduction in Project Time & Cost

4X Improvement in Productivity

A world-class refining organization set out to improve the health of their assets through a new approach to unit monitoring. With the goal of improving overall performance of their FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) and Reformer Units, process unit operations required a deep understanding of how parameters change over time and affect the quality and quantity of production.

Working with Unify, the company gained a 360-degree view of their assets gving them a scalable approach to analysis.

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World-class Deepwater Platform Used Element Unify to Achieve:

30X Gain
in Efficiency

3 Days to Standardize
Data for 500+ Assets

This world-class oil and gas organization recognized early in the design phase that by enabling the platform to be ‘Digital Ready’ from day one, they could dramatically improve future operating performance using advanced analytics. The key to achieving their goal was to build an asset data model by aggregating and contextualizing production data with maintenance data.

With Element, they completed an Asset Twin of their platform  in 3 days, down from the anticipated 3 months.

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