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Element Is On A Mission to Unify IT and OT Metadata for Advanced Analytics

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May 24, 2021

Creating and building a business is a challenging and interesting journey. In the case of Element Analytics, CEO Andy Bane has been there from the beginning. Recently Andy spoke with Aznaur Midov of SaaShimi podcast about his passion for applying technology to solve critical problems for industrial companies and driving the convergence of OT and IT by helping create 360 degree views of companies’ operating assets. Their discussion touched on a wide range of topics about the business including:

  • Unifying OT and IT data - Sensors on deployed equipment capture a lot of operational data. Other pertinent data resides in IT systems. Unifying the data from various OT and IT systems quickly and at scale and making them available for analytics reduces the cost and time to generate insights and enables the creation of cleaner, safer, healthier, and more profitable operations.

  • Product-led growth - Element started with focusing on enterprise sales and has used the experience to date to reorient more towards a product-led growth approach. Individual users can sign up for a free trial on the website and experience immediate value in addressing the tag mapping use case, something that would otherwise require significant manual, time-consuming data wrangling.

  • Relevance to partners - Sometimes analytics software vendors face an adoption challenge because of lack of effective data contextualization. Element Unify’s ability to add and manage context for data makes Unify attractive as a middleware offering in such cases.

  • Delivering advanced analytics - The demand for realizing the true potential of advanced analytics is really picking up. There is an increased focus within industrial companies for analytics projects to move from “pilot purgatory” to production.

  • Evolving the team - Now that Element has demonstrated product-market fit with its initial significant customers, newer members of the team are aimed at meeting the evolving needs of the business, with a particular focus on sales and marketing.

Listen firsthand to the complete podcast here.