Transform Industrial Operations

Trusted Data is the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation provides a clear path for industrial organizations to increase profits and reduce operating risk, but is exacerbated by the poor state of operations data availability and quality. The Element Platform™ is designed to do the heavy lifting of analytics data management and integration so your operations data is always ready and always trusted.


Go from data to analytical insights fast


Decrease downtime by predicting failures months ahead of time


Analyze 1000’s of tags and decades of operational data at once


Prevent Health, Safety, and Environmental events


Compute what-if scenarios to maximize Remaining Useful Life


Capture revenue by diagnosing decade-long investigations

What’s Required to Unlock Industrial Data?

Industrial analytics requires aggregating, integrating and providing easy access to all the data generated from multiple industrial systems and applications, especially from time series data sources like process historians.

Aggregating data requires bringing together multiple data sources, applications, APIs and processes. Integration means joining many data types to provide the context critical to making the data analytically useful. Easy access makes data easy to explore for any user, feeding analytics and applications to uncover insights. 

This requires a data lake to store the data and the ability to provide data context that defines the relationships between assets and the role each asset plays in day-to-day operations. To get operational data into this state and maintain it is prohibitively expensive and time-intensive to do manually.

Element is the only software solution that automates and continuously delivers a ready data lake for time-series and business data via Operational Digital Twins that can flexibly support any analytical activities.

Standardize data into an organized, consistent form

Detect and fix model and data issues to ensure data integrity

Easily query time-series data with the Element Graph

Keep your data ready with flexible and sustainable digital twins

Operations are Dynamic. Your Digital Twins Must Be Too.

Your operations environment is constantly changing. Equipment is replaced, instrumentation is added or removed, process flows are adjusted. How can your analytics tools accurately represent an environment that changes daily? The answer is Operational Digital Twins -- dynamic digital representations of your physical assets.

Maintaining and sustaining Operational Digital Twins in an ever-changing environment requires software to keep track of and manage these changes. The context around your data -- the relationships between your assets and the role each asset plays in day-to-day operations -- must be constantly streamed in and connected. This and more are all done in Element, which maintains a flexible Element Graph to store your digital twins. 

Empower Your Industrial Organization

IT Leaders

IT Leaders

  • Develop a comprehensive data strategy by standardizing data across a site, region, or enterprise
  • Get value out of the cloud by enabling analytics, visualization, and collaboration
  • Create or enable a Data Lake strategy
Operations Executives

Operations Executives

  • Access trustworthy operational data for planning and reporting purposes
  • Improve employee productivity by minimizing time spent hunting for data
  • Create a complete and accurate view of your equipment and assets
Data Modelers

Data Modelers

  • Use software to eliminate mundane and repetitive processes in Excel
  • Save effort and reuse work by creating multiple asset twins from a single source of truth
  • Increase your impact as you are freed up to do higher value added activities

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