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Element Introduces Element AssetHub™, the World’s First Data Hub for Managing Industrial Asset Data

Cloud-based software integrates, harmonizes and contextualizes operations data from industrial assets, enabling modern analytical applications and AI

Feb. 4, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Element, a leading developer of software that unlocks industrial data, today announced Element AssetHub™, the only data hub designed to manage asset data for industrial organizations. Element AssetHub integrates, harmonizes and contextualizes time-series data in an efficient, trustworthy and scalable manner, creating a valuable 360-degree view of operations.

Many companies pursuing digital transformation strategies have become frustrated that their efforts are stalling, the benefits are proving incremental or that the work has ended up being applied to narrow use cases. Traditionally dozens of workers manually manage detailed spreadsheets, hand-write software or re-prepare data to make it analytics-ready. Element AssetHub addresses these challenges by creating a comprehensive view of industrial assets and ensures the data can be shared and analyzed enterprise-wide - unlocking unlimited use cases. The efficiency and scalability of the software paves the way for organizations to immediately gain returns on IIoT investments and accelerate digitization programs enterprise-wide.

Software as the Solution

Element AssetHub employs user-friendly, code-free functionality for fast collection and modeling of data. Element AssetHub:

  • Connects siloed data produced by every industrial asset such as pumps, furnaces and compressors. High-speed Data Agents support direct connections to enterprise systems and leading data historians, including OSIsoft® PI System™ and Aspen InfoPlus.21®. APIs also support connections to integrate any enterprise system holding key data like equipment repair histories and engineering designs. This breadth of information forms a unique, comprehensive view of industrial assets;
  • Manages data modeling by creating Asset Twins - dynamic digital representations of physical assets. Asset Twins can be encoded with advanced functionality including operating envelopes and key performance indicators;
  • Shares data models and data sets to various systems across an enterprise including HDFS, SQL databases, and PI Asset Framework, enabling the reliable, scalable use of data.

“With AssetHub, industrial organizations can dramatically reduce data wrangling efforts, scale analytics programs across the business and produce effective, trusted analysis on their assets,” said Andy Bane, CEO of Element. Element AssetHub is the best way – currently the only way – to do this. We’re encouraged by the reception our software is receiving.”

Customer and Partner Momentum

Element AssetHub is used by oil and gas supermajors, top 10 chemical companies, leading refiners, and power generation companies - including some of the largest renewable energy operators.

Element is dedicated to enabling the use of Element AssetHub with a customer’s choice of analytics applications. It recently partnered with Uptake Technologies, Inc., providing an additional data analysis option for process data collected using Element software. Radix Engineering and Software, Inc.., a technology solution provider for manufacturing companies, also recently partnered with Element, providing mutual customers with a trusted partner and with the benefits that Element AssetHub delivers.

"Element AssetHub is yet another indication that the process industry needs powerful tools to manage the astronomical amounts of asset data, in an efficient, scalable and effective way,” said Dr. Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President of ARC Advisory Group. “An up-to-date and accurate asset description or digital twin is critical for regulatory compliance, operations, and maintenance. The combination with historical, static asset information with real-time operational time-series data provides the context that enables plant personnel to make optimal decisions."

More Information

For more information about Element and the Element AssetHub, meet us at ARC Industry Forum Orlando 2019, Feb. 4 to 7. We recommend you attend the session, “Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Status and Progress” on Wednesday at 4PM to learn more.

You can also register for the upcoming Element AssetHub webinar happening February 20th at 9AM PST.

About Element

Element unlocks industrial data, enabling modern analytics systems to find insights that transform operational performance, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of value for customers. Today, asset data is siloed and underutilized. Element AssetHub connects, manages, and shares asset data across the enterprise by developing Asset Twins – dynamic digital representations of equipment. With Element, any person or system can have a 360-degree view of every asset. For more information visit

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