Wind Energy Client Develops a Data Broker for Analytics

Industry: Wind Energy

Use Case: Data Analytics


A wind power O&M provider was severely constrained in supporting its diverse stakeholders, which needed operational data in varying formats from over 20 systems deployed across their 245 wind turbines. The data consumers included an IIoT Platform (GE Predix), custom-built applications, and OEM platforms. In addition, their own employees required the data in different views depending on their function. The client was constrained not only by personnel resources, but also by technology limitations around delivering this data to these various systems and stakeholders. They needed a solution to meet the huge range of data delivery and presentation needs demanded by their stakeholders.

Solution and Results

The client was looking to aggregate all relevant data in an unstructured Data Lake which could serve as the data broker for all stakeholders. They were able to move away from building (and maintaining) individual data pipes for each consumer. Instead, they could create varying hierarchies of the same data with the flexible, graph-based asset data model, enabling them to meet the exact needs of each stakeholder. They could then export the data in a variety of formats depending on the application, including JSON for GE Predix and PI Asset Framework for the PI System. In just hours, the client was able to maximize the millions of dollars of existing investments across their software applications.