Engine Manufacturer Develops Data-driven Aftermarket Services Offering

Industry: Manufacturing

Use Case: Develop New Revenue Stream


A leading engine manufacturer was interested in developing a service offering to optimize customer O&M costs, as a supplement to their existing aftermarket services business. In the process of building analytics to support this new business, they bumped into an unexpected hurdle: engines of the same make and model had varying degrees of instrumentation – some engines had 50 sensors while others had over 100. As a result, the client couldn’t perform basic benchmarking, let alone fleet-wide analytics; they could only perform analysis on a single engine at a time. Before they could deliver a high quality service to customers, they needed a solution to help identify and fill in the data gaps

Bus Engine I Stock 176175123 Optimized

Solution and Results

The client was able to instill trust in their engine data with the Element AssetHub. First, they were able to build a Asset Twins of their engines which would enable them to associate sensor level data to the right engine. Next, they were able to normalize sensor data across their fleet, allowing them to perform benchmarking analysis. Finally, Element’s Data Integrity capability allowed them to easily identify missing sensors on engines, and create “soft sensors” (or extrapolated data) based on actual sensors for readings that were non-existent. As a result, the client created an analytics-ready, comprehensive, and trustworthy data foundation to maximize the value of their services offering.