Case Studies

Element is helping Industrial Enterprises across the globe achieve up to 300% faster time to insight, a 25% gain in employee productivity, and a 100% increase in data usability for decision making.

Previously our safety performance data was kept in one place—an engineer’s computer. With Element, everyone has instant visibility to our safety system performance in a holistic view that will allow for very fast response to issues as they arise.

Andrew Mahood
GoM I&PS Engineer

Asking a very simple question about your asset requires more than one data source, and typically those data sources are not connected to each other, or what should be a five minute question now takes me hours to answer. Having Element is absolutely critical for deploying data science, predictive and prescriptive analytics and AI driven automation.

Arpan Seth
Process Engineer - Data Scientist, Evonik

Element’s value is delivering trusted data from source to consumer so that we can reduce the amount of unplanned outages and deferrals, and maximize margin. They are helping us harmonize our data, and ensure its reliability, so we can use it with all of our applications in a trustworthy, repeatable fashion.

VP of Maintenance and Reliability

The Element AF Accelerator is helping to align flexible hierarchical views across our maintenance, APM, and operations systems.

Mike Greene
Operations Technology Leader, Nova Scotia Power

We're using Element to speed up the creation of our operations data fabric.

Lance Fountaine
Global Operations Automation, Digitalization, and Analytics Leader, Cargill

Helping Evonik Scale Digital Transformation

  • 80% less time to build asset models

  • 40% less analytics deployment work

  • Potential savings of $550K over 5 years, from one analytic at one plant

  • Improved data accessibility, enabling future analytics and AI/ML initiatives

Wind turbines at dusk with green rolling hills

Building Smarter Asset Frameworks in 30 Days

  • PI AF is consistent with other system (MMS and APM) hierarchies

  • Visualizing data discrepancies identifies system of record issues and builds trust

  • Data integrity reports help improve maintenance strategies

Wind turbines at dusk with green rolling hills

Increase Gas Generation Plant Net Capacity Using Reliability Performance Monitoring Center

  • 10K OSIsoft PI tags/plant contextualized with SAP maintenance records

  • Increased asset utilization through prioritized maintenance

  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity and lower O&M costs

  • 4 GW of capacity monitored using OSIsoft PI AFs

Gas plant cylinders

Major Oil & Gas Company Aligns 100B Data Points Across 33 Platforms

  • Integrated data from 6K sources

  • Reduced effort to contextualize data >90%

  • Enabled 60+ analytics applications

  • Cost savings of $15.9M

Semisubmersible Oil Rig Moon Pool

O&G Super Major Saved $10M Over 3 Years

  • Faster insights by building data-driven models

  • Analyzed 1,600 sensor streams representing 7 years of data

  • Identified root cause by uncovering 276 faults

  • Saved $10M over 3 years

Power station at sunset

A Step Change in Refining Unit Monitoring

  • 75% reduction in project time of aggregating data

  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity

  • Reduced risk of unaudited engineering calculations

Worker turning valve

‘Digital Ready’ Deepwater Platform

  • 30X reduction in project time & costs

  • 3 days to standardized data for 500+ assets across 35 process units

  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity

Deepwater oil rig