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Case Studies


Leveraging Data Hierarchy across MMS and APM platforms

  • PI AF is consistent with other system (MMS and APM) hierarchies
  • Visualizing data discrepancies identifies system of record issues and builds trust
  • Data integrity reports help improve maintenance strategies
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Gas Generation Plant Using Rpm Smaller

Increase gas generation plant net capacity using Reliability Performance Monitoring center

  • 10K OSIsoft PI tags/plant contextualized with SAP maintenance records
  • Increased asset utilization through prioritized maintenance
  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity and lower O&M costs
  • 4 GW of capacity monitored using OSIsoft PI AFs

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O&G Super Major Connects 100B Data Points Across 33 Platforms

  • Integrated data from 6K sources
  • Reduced effort to contextualize data >90%
  • Enabled 60+ analytics applications
  • Cost savings of $15.9M
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O&G Super Major Identified Cause of Failure Saving $10M Over 3 Years

  • Faster insights by building data-driven models
  • Analyzed 1,600 sensor streams representing 7 years of data
  • Identified root cause by uncovering 276 faults
  • Saved $10M over 3 years
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A Step Change in Refining Unit Monitoring

  • 75% reduction in project time of aggregating data
  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity
  • Reduced risk of unaudited engineering calculations
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‘Digital Ready’ Deepwater Platform

  • 30X reduction in project time & costs
  • 3 days to standardized data for 500+ assets across 35 process units
  • 4X improvement in engineering productivity