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Welcome Aluminum! Introducing Asset Explorer in Our Latest Release

Today we’re announcing the Aluminum release of Element AssetHub. We’re constantly updating our product to reflect the latest learnings working with our customers. Some of you may know that we’ve been tracking each release using a name from the periodic table of elements. With each release as a new atomic number, we give birth to a new Element (Pop Quiz: What is the atomic number of Aluminum? Find out here.).

The Aluminum release adds new features to Asset Explorer. Asset Explorer offers operational teams an easy way to build and explore hierarchies of asset data and is a core function of Element AssetHub. Hierarchies allow different data consumers to view information about the relationships between data in a way that makes sense to them. For example, what’s good for the reliability engineer who wants a hierarchy of target equipment, won’t work for the process engineer who needs to see the data across multiple units within an overall process. If you’d like more detail on what Element AssetHub can do within your organization, read our primer.

Anyhow, back to the new features:

  • Revamped UI
  • Improved scalability
  • Private hierarchies

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Sameer Kalwani
Apr 2, 2019

Sameer Kalwani

Managing the Design of Asset Twins

In a prior blog post, I spoke about Element AssetHub at a high level, explaining the need for Asset Twins and why we need to CONNECT to existing data sources, MANAGE the building and operationalizing of Asset Twins, and easily SHARE the data about these Asset Twins so they can be used for a multitude of use cases.

One of the most critical pieces of this process is designing the right Asset Twin. Without the right operational data forming a consistent data model of what your instrumentation, equipment, and/or processes, you’ll be hamstrung to perform simple comparisons, let alone wide scale advanced analytical projects.

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Calculations. Design is everything.

(For those readers that are unfamiliar with Element AssetHub and need an overview, you can read our co-founders primer).

We're excited to introduce Enterprise Calculations. Calculations reside within our Asset Templates, allowing customers to define relationships between sets of attributes, and can be further used in the Element AssetHub.

With this initial release, our teams have taken great care to create an easy to use experience. We thought it might be interesting for you if we were to lift the hood on our design process, so you can get a sense of how hard we work to come up with features that help to make your job easier.

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