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Now The Rubber Meets the Road!

My first article after joining Element was regarding my experience in Europe at OSIsoft PI World and Honeywell conferences in ‘A tale of two cities’. Subsequently, I've considered Element's role in digital transformation, and how agility is pivotal in this fast-paced ecosystem.


It’s been 6 months since I joined Element, and times are a-changing. This February I attended the ARC Advisory Group Conference in Orlando, and one keynote talk that particularly struck me was Larry Megan, Director at Praxair Digital, who began his keynote, “Building DigitalDNA@Scale,” by stating that it can be hard to sort out the hype from the reality. “You hear about the promise, but we all have technology and organizational debt.” He went on to say “It’s important to know your target. Don’t get hung up on the definitions, just what you need to accomplish.” In Praxair’s case, this included real-time visibility, granularity, reduced friction, and ecosystem connectivity.

It’s not about being more digital, but about changing how work gets done.

- Larry Megan, Director at Praxair Digital

Larry’s message resonated with me on a couple of levels. First, he abandoned the typical “hurry up and wait” mentality around Digital Transformation that normally haunts conference keynotes. Quite refreshing. Second, he helped everyone to understand why we need partners at all - that everyone’s business problems are unique to them, and so there is no one size fits all solution. Larry’s keynote was prophetic as prior to the conference, Element announced strategic new partnerships that embrace these principles.

The first announcement was with Uptake. As a consumer of the Element Unify™, Uptake can now focus on their Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions, taking risk out of their projects, and helping them deliver results significantly faster than before. Our teams are working very closely together, implementing solutions in Wind, Solar, Energy, and O&G, and actively pursuing new opportunities together where previously the value was limited given each team's expertise was separated... This is truly the power of 1+1=3+

The second on the implementation side is with Radix Engineering and Software. The partnership will enable Element to scale its implementation capabilities to meet market demand and provide Radix a competitive advantage in their software business.

If Element, our partners, and the rest of the ecosystem can continue this momentum than I hope 2019 will be the final year we hear that ‘Digital Transformation is coming, get ready’ and I for one will not miss that keynote.

BTW, Element also launched Element Unify at the conference, crystalizing the value we deliver to the Industrial Market.

Watch our webinar introducing Element Unify.