Employee Spotlight on “Elementee” Nina Garcia


Nina is a software engineer based in San Francisco. Prior to Element, she developed web analytics for Addthis/Oracle and sensor simulation environments for NVESD. She holds a BS in Applied Computer Science from George Mason University.

Q:  Tell us a bit more about what you do on a day to day basis here at Element.

A: Our team is responsible for the product that helps customers build and maintain dynamic digital twins. We’re making a big move in the way we store and query our data models, so I’m setting up feature tests for this new distributed graph service. We’re all getting to create as we go, since this stack is new in the big data community. Occasionally you can find me reviewing React code or implementing our design systems.

Q: What are some helpful technologies you’ve started using at Element?

A: I love anything that saves typing time. I’ve collected snippets in Atom for repetitive patterns that are germane to our front-end codebase. Codacy is evaluating our Scala code quality and patterns and allowing our engineers to focus on the more nuanced stages of code review. We use Postman on all teams to collaborate on API implementations.

Q: What three words or phrases would you use to describe Element Analytics?

A: Nimble, purposeful, compassionate

Q: What sets your co-workers apart?

A: They strive to improve their local communities, some being long-time residents of the Bay Area. And their “other” lives outside of work are astounding to discover. We have a peppercorn shopper, a housing advocate, and a power lifter hidden among our ranks.

Q: As the resident happy hour organizer, what is your favorite place for an afterwork bite and drink in San Francisco?

A:  The upper gallery at Cockscomb is a hard spot to find from the street, so it’s a haven from the hustle and bustle of SOMA. I usually wrangle a friend or small group into ordering some fried goodies during happy hour.

Q: If you had one superpower what would it be and why?

A: Teleportation with no penalty to health, time, or fuel. I’m usually lugging around musical equipment, a dog, or a laptop rig. Without the clunky cargo, I’d otherwise enjoy a relaxing stroll or car ride.

Q: When you’re not at work, people can find you:

A: Anywhere along the water, with beer and cheese.

Q: What gets you up in the morning?

A:  A tail in the face. See, my dog starts the night on her own bed, but after the alarm clock, it’s all fair game. Then, she worms her way in between us, stretches out horizontally, and pushes me off the bed.

Q: What’s a book you’re currently reading?

A:  Ready Player One -- trying to finish before I watch the movie.

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