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Moisés Olivares
Dec 3, 2018

Moisés Olivares

How Design Democratizes Access to Industrial Data

Element’s mission is to make industrial data incredibly easy to use, enabling insights never thought possible. In other words, to help professionals at industrial companies spend more time analyzing data instead of preparing that data for analysis.

Element’s software is a huge step forward in this regard. It helps companies prepare and manage data efficiently, reliably and in a scalable manner. There’s no need for armies of employees to populate and update spreadsheets, write custom code, or to hire expensive consultants.

Taking a complex process and simplifying the user interaction extends down to the smallest details of Element’s software. We want you to think as little as possible about the tool you’re using to model and manage data and instead focus on the data itself. We work hard to make Element’s software powerful but, in a way (and this might sound counterintuitive), almost transparent.

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