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The missing link for digital transformation: Mastering the asset data domain

Having spent the most of my career serving industrial clients’ Information Technology needs, I found the week I spent at the 23rd ARC Industry Forum very interesting indeed. The conference was entitled “Driving Digital Transformation in Industry & Cities.” The conference was chock-full of presentations on industrial use cases & their potential value to the enterprise. I spoke with many attendees and there is an excitement I’ve not seen in a while, that the industry is producing truly digital outcomes that deliver on the promise of Industrial Digital Transformation.

On the IT side of the business you don’t hear “Digital Transformation” as frequently. It’s a given that the information domains supported by IT – Financial, Supply Chain, People & Customers - are already digital. Large Industrials have delivered on a technology stack to “master” these domains and as a result – for the most part – this data is widely used throughout the enterprise and is easily delivered via highly reliable, secure, scalable & trusted enterprise systems. IT analytics, whether analyzing marketing campaign effectiveness or product revenue trends, is performed with ease by a cadre of data scientists and analysts.

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What is Element AssetHub?

ARC’s Industry Forum is an annual pilgrimage for operations leaders in global industrial companies and their technology vendors who want to share best practices, stay on top of emerging trends, and catch up with old friends. 950 of us gathered last week in Orlando, FL to address “Digital Transformation,” and the need for asset-intensive industries seeking to adopt modern technologies like cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are increasingly embedded in other industries like finance and healthcare.

This was the perfect venue for us to announce the release of Element AssetHub because industrial digital transformation depends on data, a lot of data, and AssetHub is the world’s first data hub built to address the unique challenges of asset data – all IT/OT data associated with industrial equipment and operations.

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Mutate or Die!

Evolutionary science says that evolution is the process of natural selection that allowed random mutations to help humans become the dominant species on our planet. However, this evolution takes many forms with domestic dogs, cats, and even flowers becoming dominant because some trait that makes them appealing to humans and therefore they have reached dominance through human propagation. In life, it is the propagation of DNA that is the goal. As a native Brit I do love a cuppa, and recently had the opportunity while visiting to Sri Lanka to see how our love of the cuppa has transformed the high altitude landscape. The photograph for this piece was taken at the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory.

But everything on our planet has its own “DNA”. My native English is the most spoken language on earth in no small part to the British Empire, but also because of its ability to adopt and integrate words from other languages or just create new words. The Sci-Fi series Firefly got it right with their spoken language being English + Spanish + Chinese but it was still called English, the language evolves. We even see it in political ideology and the collapse of communism in no small part because of its rigid controls and unwillingness to let natural forces have their natural influence.

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Treat the Whole Machine

360 Degree View of the Patient

Lately, my daughter and I have been binge watching doctor shows. In most episodes, patients are wheeled in presenting symptoms that need immediate attention. The doctors and surgeons work the obvious symptoms but sometimes prescribe treatments that don't address or, even worse, even mask more severe, underlying problems. Our heroes, Dr. Sean Murphy in The Good Doctor and Nurse Nic in The Resident, save the day by picking up bits of patient context from a conversation with a family member, an overlooked x-ray, a buried report or some other stray clue that leads to a brilliant moment of clarity and a prescriptive recommendation that saves the patient's life.

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