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Production, People, and Partners: A Review of 2017

2017 is the year we’ll remember as the “end of the beginning” for Industrial Digital Transformation. It was the year when the definition of “digital transformation” itself was argued about, accused of being a “buzz word,” and featured as the headline for many conference presentations, papers and articles.  The market is finally, albeit slowly, shifting from endless proofs of concepts of cool new technologies and toward a greater focus on true digital transformation solving real business problems.

We’re beginning to see production grade projects being rolled out in industrial companies, everything from individual site based deployments to enterprise projects federating data from dozens of sites and systems across an industrial fleet.  At Element Analytics we’re hopeful that this is a harbinger of companies looking to truly transform their operations to achieve important business outcomes.

For us, 2017 can be summed up in 3 words: Production, People, and Partners.


2017 is the year we began ramping customers into production on the Element Platform.  A dozen proofs of concept spanning 2016-17 taught us, and our customers (some of the world’s largest industrial companies), a lot about what’s really required to solve the hard problems associated with industrial analytics data management and integration.  This includes the idea that an Operational Digital Twin providing a dynamic digital representation of physical equipment and associated assets is essential to build and maintain.


During 2017 we continued adding talented people to our engineering, design and delivery teams. Our engineering team represents a diverse set of people who bring skills in the areas of data engineering, software programming, and quality assurance. Design is central to our product and too often overlooked in industrial software. Our delivery team comprises people representing strong backgrounds in industrial real-time data systems and applications.  Regardless of role, we seek to work with world class people who are humble and collaborative, a team we’ll expand in 2018.

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For the industrial Internet of things to deliver on the promise of digital transformation for industrials, an ecosystem comprising multiple technology partners is essential. 2017 was a year Element deepened our partnerships with Microsoft and OSIsoft, strengthening the foundation of our company.  With Microsoft we expanded joint go to market activities including close collaboration on enterprise pursuits, and on technology adoption. We were humbled to be named a Microsoft Managed ISV Partner, the highest tier partnership, awarded to only a few high potential startups each year.  With OSIsoft we expanded go to market and joint customer delivery activities.  We participated in several events including the San Francisco and EMEA User Conferences.  OSIsoft provides the critical data infrastructure required for industrial digital transformation and we’re excited to work with PI System users seeking to get greater value out of their operations data.

Looking forward to 2018, we expect to see less talking and more doing as industrials increasingly deploy solutions into production and dial down IIoT experimentation.  We expect it will be a year when “cloud vs edge” debates evolve into “cloud and edge” integration strategies.  Last, we predict 2018 is the year when Operational Digital Twins will emerge as table stakes for doing industrial analytics at scale.

Happy New Year!

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