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2016 Year in Review

This year has been incredible, a journey spanning (almost) 365 days of growth, connections, and insight. As we reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going, here are some highlights:


We welcomed 19 new team members, from leadership to operations to engineering. One of our brand values is Cognitive Diversity where we nurture a collaborative, open culture that includes different perspectives and ideas for effective problem-solving. We’ve seen this in action more than ever this year and look forward to continuing the tradition.

2016 Team
We’ve grown so much, we can’t even fit in one shot.

And we're hiring more.

Events & Travel

This year also took us on trips around the world, crisscrossing the US and Europe. We visited industrial sites and control rooms, explored and hiked in national parks, sampled local cuisine, and met plenty of interesting people along the way. We also participated in events, including OSIsoft and Microsoft partner conferences where we connected with industrial companies seeking to optimize operations. We listened and learned as well as shared our solution offering.

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To sum up Product in one word this year: Focused.

We launched the Element Platform back in July and while it works for all industries, we’re focusing on 5 industry verticals: Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Chemicals, and Diversified.

We’ve really nailed into a problem that we’re helping industries handle: Over the last 20 years, OT has become an amalgamation of software applications and services that have diverged from their IT counterparts.

The companies we’re working with want their OT to work like IT, in an ecosystem where they can easily use products on a tablet, access machine learning and data analysis, and bring together diverse data sets to become a more data-driven organization. They just want their OT to be self-serve.

Bringing self-serve data and analytics to industry isn’t easy. These companies provide the foundation for our daily lives, and there’s significant complexity in what they do – we’re making data and analytics become an integral part of it, more easily every day.

We start with disparate data sets. We’ve built and continue to improve the Element Platform’s Data Readiness capability, which minimizes the amount of time that Engineers, Technologists, and PI Analysts spend prepping data so they can actually focus on analyzing the data. We’re getting this done with sophisticated engineering, intuitive design, and data science horsepower.

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Something major is usually underway when color-coded notes are involved.

In addition, we’ve been generating some exciting insights for our customers that we’re preparing to share next year — starting at OSIsoft’s UC 2017.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to andrew@elementanalytics.com.

Looking Forward

So where are we going? While the media attention is around predictive and prescriptive analytics and IoT, we understand that these don’t solve the problems of today, nor are we ready to put Raspberry Pi’s everywhere or have control loops operating autonomously. Instead, we’re working to solve the first problem in complex analytics, helping heavy industry fulfill their need to get data “analytics ready.” We ensure the solution that we provide follows the data-to-analytics trajectory of each industrial organization.

We call this the Industrial Analytics Journey and it starts with understanding the need: Why do I need analytics? What is the right approach? (Answer: graph-based approach, more on that later.) Then it’s Data Readiness (data modeling + data blending) and basic analytics for a better understanding of operations. Then as industrials mature in their analytics capabilities, we enable them to perform diagnostics (fast and easy root-cause analysis) and predictive analytics. Today, we’re helping companies take first steps on their analytics journey.

Year in Review

2016 has been terrific and we thank our partners, customers, and everyone we work with for making it so memorable. We wish you all very happy holidays and look forward to sharing more in the new year.

2016 Cheers
(L-R) Sean, Sarah, and Andy: Winners of our holiday sweater contest. Bonus points for wearing wool in 70-degree California weather.