Element AssetHub

Create a 360-Degree View of Every Asset

Industrial organizations accumulate petabytes of data in the belief that its usefulness will aid digital transformation initiatives, yet face fundamental challenges extracting value. Data is frequently siloed, difficult to understand, challenging to manipulate, and lacks meaningful context. As a result, data remains underutilized, with activities performed as isolated, one-off analytics/AI projects that stifle the very innovation needed to drive transformation.

Element AssetHub™ was built by industrial experts for industrial experts. By unifying existing data across your enterprise, it provides a 360-degree view of your assets, increasing the success of analytical and AI applications projects.

It does this by creating digital representations of assets, Asset Twins, that associates all production data with the necessary context from other systems. Element AssetHub creates and manages Asset Twins in a flexible manner, then shares that common asset data model and data for easy consumption by BI and other analytical tools.

Delivered on a modern, cloud-native architecture, AssetHub overcomes the integration, data modeling, and persistence challenges inherent in utilizing asset data.


Connectivity to existing operational systems via APIs and Agents


Attributes are consistently tracked across like equipment


Intuitive interface to transform data and map data to Asset Twins


Assurance on model and data to build trust in analytics


Flexible data
 model enables multiple views of the Asset Twin


Asset Twins are made available to any general purpose analytical tool

Connect, Manage, and Share Asset Twins

AssetHub is a multi-faceted solution that incorporates a sophisticated yet intuitive interface that enriches every data point. It connects to diverse and distributed asset data sources located on-premise or in the cloud using agents and APIs. It manages the design, build, operation, and maintenance of Asset Twins across the enterprise using templates, pipelines, modeling, and integrity reports. It then shares up-to-date asset models and data, enabling a self-service approach to advanced analytics for any data consumer.


Operations are Dynamic. Your Asset Twins Must Be Too.

Your operations environment is constantly changing. Equipment is replaced, instrumentation is added or removed, process flows are adjusted. Maintaining Asset Twins in this ever-changing environment requires software to keep track of and manage these changes. Spreadsheets cannot be the answer anymore.

Element AssetHub is able to continuously ensure that the raw data and data models are trustworthy, ensuring that downstream insights are accurate and actionable.


See it in Action

Taking a complex process and simplifying the user interaction extends down to the smallest details of AssetHub. We want you to think as little as possible about the tool you’re using to model and manage data and instead focus on the data itself. We work hard to make Element’s software powerful yet simple.

Clean and straightforward design

No coding or scripting required

Streamlined tasks requiring minimal mouse clicks

Rooted in thorough user testing

Industrial Transformation Realized

Regardless of where you are on your Industrial Transformation journey, Element AssetHub can help you get to the next milestone. From building a comprehensive Asset Twin for a single site, to building interconnected Asset Twins across an entire region, to enabling advanced analytics at an enterprise level, Element’s offerings are catered to your specific needs.

Create a robust Asset Twin for a site

Build a standardized, enterprise-wide data model

Enable self-service analytics anywhere in the organization

Empower data scientists to execute on ML and AI

Empower Your Industrial Organization

IT Leaders

IT Leaders

  • Develop a comprehensive data strategy by standardizing data across a site, region, or enterprise
  • Get value out of the cloud by enabling analytics, visualization, and collaboration
  • Create or enable a Data Lake strategy
Operations Executives

Operations Executives

  • Access trustworthy operational data for planning and reporting purposes
  • Improve employee productivity by minimizing time spent hunting for data
  • Create a complete and accurate view of your equipment and assets
Data Modelers

Data Modelers

  • Use software to eliminate mundane and repetitive processes in Excel
  • Save effort and reuse work by creating multiple asset twins from a single source of truth
  • Increase your impact as you are freed up to do higher value added activities

Get Started

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