Element AssetHub

Connect, manage and share data across your industrial enterprise.

  • 10X faster integration of new data sources
  • 90% decrease in time to build models
  • >50% improvement in model and data quality

The Only Data Hub for Industry

Element AssetHub is a data hub specifically built to handle the nuances of industrial data - including real-time sensor data. AssetHub enables you to connect to varied asset data sources, harmonize and contextualize the data, then share the data and data models with all data consumers.

Why Choose Element AssetHub?

Element AssetHub is the only software product on the market that can rapidly build Asset Twins at scale and with trust.

Connectivity to Critical Systems

Connectivity to existing operational systems via APIs and Agents

Enterprise-wide Consistency

Attributes are granularly and consistently tracked across like equipment with Asset Templates

Design-centric Approach

Intuitive interface to transform data and map data to Asset Twins

Garbage In, Quality Out

Assurance on data model and underlying data to build trust in analytics

Graph-based Data Model

Export any functional view of the Asset Twin to any analytical application in the right format

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How Element AssetHub Works

Step 1: Connect

Connectivity to data sources of any type including time-series, transactional, master data systems, and event flat files like spreadsheets. Architected for high speed and stable data migration of large and complex data sources.

Step 2: Manage

Asset Twins are the data models that digitally represent a physical asset and all the attributes associated with the asset. Asset Twins are fundamental to harmonizing and contextualizing asset data. Like the physical assets they represent, managing Asset Twins require a design, build, operate and maintain workflow process.

Step 3: Share

Construct any schema of your data to power any application and data consumer inside or outside your organization.

Built on a Scalable and Secure Foundation

Architectural Design

  • Big Compute: Apache Spark-based computational layer built to scale
  • Element Graph: In-memory, flexible, graph-based contextual model
  • Data Agent Ingress: Allow for high reliability and better security


  • Managed SaaS: Deployed on your Azure tenant and managed by Element
  • Self-Healing Elasticity: Stateless microservices architecture built on Kubernetes
  • Enterprise Security: Best-in-class data encryption controls and threat detection

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