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Industry Solutions Overview

Element empowers industrial organizations to easily use data and rapidly extract valuable insights. Our solutions help industrial businesses achieve new levels of operational performance.

Oil And Gas

Upstream Oil & Gas

Gain an enterprise-wide view of all production units and the ability to drill down into each well’s time-series data. Generate unlimited process-oriented asset views to support the various functions and services that consume the data. With this data, use predictive analytics to prevent failures in equipment such as submersible pumps for increased asset reliability.


Chemicals & Refining

Model complex cooling, separation, and heating systems. Benchmark and compare rotating equipment, fixed equipment, or the overall process units. Identify, then label complex fault events and analyze strongly correlated factors that precede the event. Gain predictive insight into parts breakdown to prevent issues such as pump seal leaks.

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Aggregate numerous datasets from diverse providers, rapidly ready data for advanced analytics, and predict the failure of equipment such as motors and mixers. Shift from time-based to performance-based maintenance for greater cost and operational efficiency.

Power Utilities2

Power & Utilities

Aggregate and blend previously siloed data, perform predictive analytics on top of that to improve customer service time, prevent equipment failures, and optimize contracts with improved risk management.

Metals Mining

Metals & Mining

Benchmark and compare the performance of equipment (e.g., extractors, crushers, trucks) and processes across all sites to uncover and deploy best practices for enterprise-wide process optimization.

Pulp Paper

Pulp & Paper

Aggregate and standardize data from complex, highly integrated processes that were previously challenging to model (e.g., end-to-end tissue machine operations). Gain visibility into process dependencies that you may not be aware of. Diagnose issues such as transfer breaks to ultimately increase throughput of paper machines.

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Success Stories

Leading organizations across verticals are choosing Element to enable their Digital Transformations. Read more about their use cases.