Professional Services

Element Professional Services ensures customers achieve key business outcomes through industrial data expertise, best practice knowledge share, and a unique agile approach.

We get you to positive ROI fast:

  • We accelerate time to value
  • We reduce project delivery risk
  • We enhance your team’s skills
Agile Methodology
Focus on Client Independence
Realize Value from Cloud
Blend Process Control & Data Science Expertise
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Our Approach

We want to ensure outstanding customer experience with every customer engagement.  We use an agile approach not only to develop our software products, but also in our consulting engagements.  Our proven methodology helps ensure we are always focused on your most pressing business needs and can respond to change as required.  We are laser-focused on achieving your desired outcomes and will develop a detailed Project Implementation Plan for mutual alignment.  

  • Cadence: Weekly sprints include a review of the prior week’s work, plan for the current week, and a weekly customer meeting.

  • Collaboration: We collaborate with users and key stakeholders on a regular basis as required, but not to overburden your team.

  • Deliverables: We demonstrate progress to stakeholders through frequent deliverables to ensure alignment.

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Our Process

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Through Design Thinking Workshops we work with your team to identify key use cases where there is an opportunity to improve data integration, preparation, and quality to enhance data management and analytics. During the sessions, we bring together key IT and OT stakeholders across your company.


We ensure successful deployment and set-up of the Element Platform through a 4-step process:

Acquire - Obtain all appropriate data archives for time-series and maintenance, reliability, and other sources.  

Install - Installation and set-up of the Element software in your private cloud or Element’s Azure environment.

Build - Our team does the heavy-lifting of metadata joining, building data pipelines, and creating data models.  We work with your subject matter experts who understand your datasets and processes. We can address outliers and challenging data modeling situations as we’ve likely come across it before. 

Visualize - We develop visualizations for specific use cases in Microsoft Power BI, OSIsoft PI Vision, Tableau, or your tool of choice.


We enable broad adoption of the Element Platform across the enterprise by ensuring key stakeholders are trained on product features, capabilities, and touch-points within client infrastructure.  We bring you the same in-depth training that our own engineers receive through the Element Academy. We enable your team with new skills so that the effort is shifted from Element to your team.

From a people perspective, they have folks that understand the industry, the types of assets, and the problems my industry has that I've been tasked to help solve. IT Manager, Oil and Gas Company

Customer Success

We offer a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to manage the process from project hand-off to expansion of the Element Platform.  We take best practices from our fieldwork and translate them for your business and operations. Simultaneously, we help to alleviate roadblocks organizationally and process-wise.

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Our People

Our consulting team consists of industrial data experts, with real-time data and process experience working for companies including OSIsoft, Shell, ABB, Meridium, and Nalco.  Many also have Masters degrees in advanced analytics and are able to provide a broader perspective on the data analytics market. We view you as the expert of your own data and systems, and we are able to bring an unmatched perspective on best practices having worked with varied clients.  We are hypothesis driven and use data to guide our recommendations and decisions.

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