Operate with Foresight for the Best Business Outcomes

For your industrial organization, Element Analytics makes data easy to use and provides actionable insight and foresight into daily operations. We empower you to shift from reacting to making the best proactive decisions for greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.


Automate Data Preparation

Our platform does the heavy lifting by rapidly standardizing, contextualizing, and instilling trust in sensor-based data to make it consistent, and ready for analysis.


Get Actionable Insights

Easily join sensor-based data with business data. Visualize descriptive & diagnostic insights such as root-cause analysis, KPI degradation, equipment benchmarking, etc.


Make Proactive Decisions

Predictive analytics provides failure predictions, forecasting, efficiency & optimization recommendations. Use this foresight to make the best informed decisions.

Leverage Existing Investments

Keep using the tools you know and trust. The Element Platform works with your existing infrastructure such as data historians, analytical applications, and maintenance systems so that you can get more value out of them.

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Maximize Profit

Optimize Operational Costs

Mitigate Risks

Prevent Failures

Improve Asset Performance

Enhance Sustainability

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